What to look out for when house-hunting for your next home

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Looking at potential properties to purchase, is quite the adventure! However, there is more to house hunting than you may think...

When you view a home for the first time, it is important to hold your horses, and not to get carried away or too over-excited with what you observe. For sure you should allow yourself to feel your potential new home's vibe, but keep the following in mind before you sign on the dotted line...

  • Does the property match the advertisement you saw and responded to?

  • Is the location within easy reach of good schools, a hospital and main access roads?

  • Does it meet the immediate requirements as well as those within the next 7-10 years?

  • Do you know what the permanent fixtures and fittings in the home are? 

  • Do you know what plants, pots, special light fixtures or fountains etc. the owner plans to remove when he vacates the property? 

  • Do you see or smell damp?

  • Did you check the water pressure by opening taps and flushing the toilets? Are the sewage lines not blocked?

  • Did you determine where the electrical sockets in the home are and what condition they are in? Sure, the electrician will check and certify the electrical installations, but it remains a good thing to verify the condition for yourself for obvious defects also.

  • Did you ask your real estate agent for a list of latent defects for the property that informs you of matters that may need attention, such as a leaking roof or a cracked wall?  The scope of this latent defect list will assist you in your decision to make an offer on the property or not.    

  • Is there enough secure parking for yourself and your guests?

  • Did you determine the noise level in and around the property? 

  • Did you inquire about the neighbours? Are they perhaps noisy? Do they perhaps park on other people's drive ways? Do they keep their yard clean? 

House-hunting sure is exciting! Have fun with it! Beware however, not to make a hasty, impulsive decision when deciding to purchase a home without checking the above pointers, at least.  While the checklist is very useful to identify potential nightmares, the good news is that all houses are not in bad shape. There really are well-priced, well maintained gems in the market that meet your requirements that you had better buy when you find them! Those ones do tend to FLY off the shelf very quickly...  Contact Alta, The Property Match Maker, from SEEFF, if you want to buy or sell property in

Centurion, South Africa.  She has a wealth of knowledge and delivers service excellence with flair!  Mobile: 071 758 0996

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