What documents do you need when you are self employed and want to apply for a home loan

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

The self employed among us need to be prepared before embarking on a house hunt. Call Alta Nel @ Seeff if you want to know why...ALTA 071 758 0996

It is not always easy to apply for a home loan when you are self employed. Unfortunately, a self employed applicant needs to provide more documentation for a home loan application than an individual working for a salary.

Whether you are self employed or a buyer who works for a monthly salary, note that any mortgage loan grant depends on monthly affordability and a stable credit record.

The self employed are mostly expected to not only pay a deposit of at least 20% on the property, but also have the transfer fees and bond fees available in cash.

Please note: contact a reputable bond originator or your professional accountant prior to embarking on a house hunt to ensure you have the correct information ready and at hand when you are ready to buy a property

The early bird catches the worm. Get pre-qualified at a reputable bank originator such as OOBA, before you embark on your house hunt. - Alta Nel Seeff

These professionals are qualified and able to assist you to acquire and prepare the documentation you need for a home loan approval.  

Remember! The early bird catches the worm. It is recommended that you gather the documents before you fall in love with a property and want to put in an offer to purchase, as once you have signed the Offer to Purchase, you will only have limited time to provide proof of your home loan and your ability to purchase the property.

List of documents to have handy when you apply for a home loan as a self-employed person.

Do check with your accountant, but you will at least need the following documents as a self-employed buyer:

Be prepared when you are self- employed and want to buy a home. Prepare the documents pro-actively. - Alta Nel Seeff

  • ID documents of all your business' directors, members or trustees

  • A list of your personal assets and liabilities

  • A letter from your auditor that confirms your personal income

  • IT34 

  • Financial statements for a last two years

  • Personal bank statements

  • Business bank statements

  • Management accounts, if the financial statements are older than six months

  • A financial forecast for the next 12 months 

  • Copy of up to date lease agreements

  • All statutory documents for your company, Trust or CC

Preparing documentation for a home loan application may be overwhelming. Get sorted pro-actively when you are self-employed. Ask me how...- Alta Nel Seeff

Agreed. It is rather normal to feel overwhelmed when you are in the process of putting all the required documents together as a self-employed bond applicant. 

However, if you start early, before you go house hunting, and ask for the assistance of your accountant and bond originator from the get-go, you will be pro-active and less stressed during the bond application process.

Happy House Hunting!

Alta Nel @ Seeff

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