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Staging your home to sell is an important part of your selling success. - Alta Nel Seeff

Staging your home before it goes onto the market is essential when you want to sell you house fast and at a high price. Homes that are staged, simply inspires buyers to take a deeper look at your home. No matter the size or style of the home, there are a couple of things you can do to inspire the senses of the prospective buyers.

Sight: is the one human sense that is fundamental in home staging, as it will please or displease a potential buyer from the get-go. First impressions count!

What the potential buyer of your home sees about your home, on the internet and in person, needs careful planning when you are a serious seller. - Alta Nel Seeff

The first time a prospective buyer views your property, it will most probably be online, when browsing your home's photographs and video on the internet.

Your chosen decor, curtaining, floor coverings are scrutinized with the greatest detail, long before the buyer decides to contact the real estate agent to request a viewing. Needless to say, the photographs and video of your property should be of great quality and all toilet seats should be closed! :)

When a buyer chooses to view your property in person, you still need to pay careful attention to what they see. An aspect to pay attention to when staging your home to sell, is light. The more natural light floods your home when prospective buyers walk through your home, the better. When a viewing takes place at dusk, lights and lamps ought to be shining brightly. Brightly lit homes always create a sense of space, vibrancy and optimism.

Homes with poor lighting, feels dreary, moldy and depressing.

Light is also very important in the modern era of online marketing.

Smell: is one of our most personally connective senses. We tend to connect experiences to

Ain't this the cutest pup?! However, not all potential buyers are like you and me who simply luuuvvv dogs. - Alta Nel Seeff

our memory and we associate smells with what sets us at ease or what we detest. Serious buyers are intensely aware of what they smell in a home. Non-smokers hardly ever buy a smoker's den and people allergic to pets, hardly ever buy a home that smells like cats or wet dogs.

Trying to disguise strong smells with strong, unnatural perfumes is a big no-no! However, gentle, neutral aromas such as pine and lavender may fill your space with a homey fragrance that may entice buyers to fall in love with your home. Be careful with burning incense though, it is not a smell the general public is comfortable with.

Taste: everybody luuvvs to snack! We all entertain people around food, as eats and treats

If the entertainment area in your home is its most unique feature, show it off by offering snacks to the prospective buyers. - Alta Nel Seeff

welcome and comfort people. Setting out plated snacks and a tall glass of freshly squeezed orange juice or sparkling water will go a long way to guide prospective buyers to settle in your home. Just think about it: if they just viewed a similar property at a similar price, but in YOUR home they enjoyed great tasting snacks while browsing, YOUR home will be the one ingrained in their senses. Avoid strong curries and heavily fragrant treats, but do not be afraid to show off your home's entertainment area, if that is the home's most unique feature!

Hearing: is a sense that affects our moods and comfort levels, greatly.

Soothing background music sets the stage for a classy, pleasant home viewing. - Alta Nel Seeff

Playing soothing background music neutralizes discomfort during a home viewing. Likewise, soothing music adds some oomph! and personality to your space.

It is important not to play the music too loudly as it may become distracting rather than soothing. Distracting music will drag the viewers' attention to the music and actually weaken the viewing.

The idea with the music is to enhance the viewing. To remove all anxiety and to help them to relax and concentrate on the viewing in progress.

Staging a home with comfortable, quality goods is one part of staging a home with the sense of touch. - Alta Nel Seeff

Touch: is one of our important exploratory senses. We use it to explore the temperature of an item or the item's quality. Our sense of touch can either make us feel comfy, cozy and secure in a space or make us feel exposed, unwelcome and uncomfortable.

Staging a home with comfortable, cozy goods such as throws and velvety scatter cushions during winter will increase the sense of warmth and coziness in your home. When selling your home in summer, heavy scatters and throws should stowed away.

Do consider the ambient temperature of your home during showings. If the home temperature is suitable for Goldilocks, it will not be too hot or too cold, but just right!

By focusing on some of these elements when showing your home to buyers, you will limit distractions during the viewing and actually showcase your home in the best possible way.

Alta Nel @ Seeff

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