How To Sell Your Property Fast In Slow Economy

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

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Selling your property fast in a strong economy is relatively easy, but selling in a slow economy is certainly more challenging. However, property is sold every single day, regardless of the supposedly weak economy we find ourselves in.

  Having your home on the market can be very stressful for the whole family. To keep your home tidy week in and week out certainly is challenging especially if you have children and pets. Therefore you need to sell it fast and get the stress over and done with.

To sell a home quickly, it needs to be presented well, marketed well, and priced correctly.  If you need to sell your home on the quick, these tips may just help you get offers very quickly and closer to your intended asking price. 

Plan to sell. 

Too often sellers are unprepared to move when the house goes on the market. The garage is not sorted out, store rooms are stuffed to the roof and rubble lies scattered in the yard.  When you show your house to prospective buyers, this should not be the case. Buyers looking at your property should see that you are ready to vacate easily. Likewise they should not fear that you will leave your junk behind when you have to move in a hurry. Plan to move. Be ready to move. Then put your dwelling on the market.  

Get a storage unit

The easiest way to unclutter is to shove all the "stuff" into wardrobes, but this is a bad idea! Interested buyers are sure to open your cupboards and if they see cluttered and disorganized spaces, it may reveal that your home lacks sufficient storage space.  Consider renting a storage unit for the time your home is on the market. If you choose to use a container, it can be transported to your new home, in a wink of an eye. 

Staging and photography

Hire an agent that uses a professional photographer to take photographs of your home. But be sure to have it taken AFTER you have decluttered the home. Modern day buyers are informed and buys a house online and they are actually 80% sold even before they viewed the property in person. Needless to say, if the photos of your house taken by the agent  is bad, chances are that they won't buy your house.  

Find the right real estate agent

Hire an estate agent who is familiar with the neighborhood. Avoid using too many agents and allowing all of them to peg their boards in front of your entrance. Too many boards suggest there is something wrong with your house and it could even lower the amount a buyer will offer.  Also do your part to get the word out about your house being on the market. You should still refer them to your agent, but  the more channels of communication are utilised, the faster your house will sell. 


Buyers that view your house need to imagine themselves living in your home. Therefore, remove any religious symbols, trophies of deer you have successfully hunted years ago, the large cap collection in your bar and the family photos on the fridge and walls. This will enable the buyer to focus on your house instead of on the paraphernalia that are only sentimental to you. Feel free to hang an art work that enhances and compliments the space and tone the room down.

Light it up

A bright, well lit home is inviting.  Change the bulbs to white light bulbs to brighten the space. Furthermore, draw your curtains and open the blinds so that the natural light can flood the room and make it seem larger. Consider painting the room in a light shade of grey if it seems dark and gloomy inside. Grey is a soft neutral colour and will go well with any colour you may currently have in the space.  

Zoo-sh up the curb appeal!

First impressions count!  Your home’s exterior is typically the first thing a buyer sees. Tidy up your yard, trim the shrubs, cut the edges of the lawn and sweep the paving. A fresh coat of paint on the fascia boards and gutters will not cost much but surely improve the first impression of the house.  Brighten the porch with a flower pot filled with in season flowers bought from the local nursery. Clean the bird droppings from the steps leading to the front door.  Add colour to your front door or simply give it a fresh coat of varnish to make the home feel inviting and well kept. Contact Alta, The Property Match Maker, if you want to buy or sell property in Eldoraigne,

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