How To Let Your Upmarket Home Stand Out From The Crowd

With a wide variety of upmarket homes available on the market in Centurion, it is imperative that the home is made to stand out from the crowd. When an upmarket home is set up to stand out from the crowd, it has a much better chance to catch a buyer's eye. Here are a few tips that may just help your top class home to stand out...

Give your home the correct price tag

When deciding to sell your luxury home, pricing it correctly from the start is of utmost importance.

An overpriced home simply does not entice luxury home buyers, no matter how much is done to market the villa.

Buyers of upmarket homes, are sensible people, not only looking for comfort, but also great value for money. They are normally well informed about what the market has on offer and weed out the ones that are overpriced. An overpriced listing will not sell fast and will require regular, steep price reductions in order to get sold.

As a result getting the correct price set up front, ensures there is no need for extreme price cuts in order to get the home sold. 

One of the best ways to obtain the true value of a luxury home, is to hire an appraiser to value the home. An experienced estate agent will also assist you with setting the correct price, based on their knowledge of the current market conditions. Hiring an appraiser may cost a couple of thousand Rands, but it will give you a clear indication of what value a financial institution may find in your property.

A formal appraisal opinion from an appraiser, will prevent the situation of a financial institution appraising the home a lot lower than the mortgage loan applied for. A home that is worth less than the mortgage applied for, could cause the purchase to fail. Lenders want to feel comfortable about the value of the home before they approve a mortgage.

Order professional photographs

A well-staged home comes to life when a professional photographer highlights the villa's best features with brilliantly taken HD photos and video.

Over 97% of buyer leads are generated online. Poor photography simply does not WOW potential buyers of a luxury home. When the lighting is poor and the toilet seat is up, buyers simply click away and continue their search elsewhere.

First impressions last. Sad but true. Hire a professional photograph privately if need be and request your realtor to use those to intrigue the public viewing you villa online.

Fact remains, photographs shot on a mobile phone simply does not do an upper class home justice.

Complete a pre-listing inspection of gas, electricity and electrical fence

The majority of upmarket home buyers look to purchase a move-in ready home. 

When they are willing to pay top Rands, for a home, they expect the home to be in mint condition without any issues to address soon after taking ownership of the home.

A great way to send the message your high end home is move-in ready, is to complete the gas, electricity and electrical fence certifications prior to listing your home with and estate agent to sell your home. Displaying it next to the approved plans during showings will send a message that your home is move-in ready.

Certifications are generally valid for a period of two years, and having it done prior to putting your home on the market, will not require re-certification unless your home does not sell within the next two years.

To have this on display during a viewing will most certainly let your home rise above the competition.

Complete all repairs prior to listing

Pay attention to all repairs that need to be done. No matter whether it is minor or major items that need fixing, do the repairs before you list your home with an estate agent.

A broken window pane, pealing paint, overgrown hedges, leaking ponds etc. need to be fixed before any potential buyer walks through your upmarket home.

Your idea to fix the damp behind the shower just before you move out, is not a good idea.

Buyers of exquisite homes expect those things to be in order from the start. They are willing to pay top Rands for your stunning home and expect excellence.

Arrange professional home staging

Home staging is a way to prepare a home in a neutral pallette, so that it has the greatest chance to appeal to a large buyer pool.

Home staging involves re-organising the home where necessary, by removing clutter and by depersonalizing it. To stage a home to sell may not only require from you to remove personal photographs on walls and mantle and refrigerator, but also to remove religious symbols that may cause a distraction to buyers from another orientation. By stripping the space down to a neutral pallette, the impact of the space is maximized and possible distractions are removed.

If you are bold and up for it, pay some attention to Feng Shui. Feng Shui is an ancient art and science the Chinese formalized over 3,000 years ago. In literal translation feng means "wind" and shui means "water." In Chinese culture, wind and water are associated with good health, and good fortune. It is actually astonishing to see how sensitive buyers are to the energy of a home, the ''feeling'' of the home, or the ''atmosphere'' of a home. By integrating some degree of Feng Shui may just help your villa to stand out from the crowd. For instance, simply remove under-the-bed clutter. According to Feng Shui principles, clutter creates unnecessary stress and headaches. A bedroom painted in soft colours are soothing and relaxing and give the sense of security and peace in the main bedroom.

A properly staged home not only usually reduce the time a home remains on the market, but it also boosts the value of a home in the potential purchaser's eyes. 

Display the house plans

Displaying the updated, approved house plans on a table while the interested buyer browses your upmarket villa, subconsciously sends the message that all is in order in this home. Whether they ask to peruse the plans or not, is not important. The mere fact that plans are available in case they want to take a peek at it, sends out a stronger message than not having it in plain sight. It simply takes the pressure off of the home buyer’s mind.

Sure. Not all potential buyers may request to view the plans, but having the plans updated and approved may potentially just save the deal!

Increasingly more often, financial institutions are requesting proof of the property's approved plans, before finalizing their decision to grant the buyer the home loan. If your home's plans are not updated and approved at this stage, you may lose you buyer due to time constraints of getting the plans drawn up and officially approved.


Home sellers would be wise to make sure they present their home as the best product possible in order to attract plenty buyers. Through proper pricing, home staging, pre-listing certifications, displaying the approved plans and ensuring all repairs are done, homeowners of upmarket homes can ensure their home rises above other homes on the block.

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