How To Find Your Perfect Home To Buy

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

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Knowing what you want before you start your house hunt, dramatically simplifies the whole process... The house hunting process always requires some compromise, but having a good understanding of your most important requirements and preferences upfront saves a lot of time and energy.  This is how to do it.

Make a List

When you set out to buy your perfect home, begin by making a list of your "must haves" and the "nice to haves". Spend time with your partner to determine exactly what it is that you want in your new house and decide beforehand what you would be willing to compromise, should the need arise. 

For instance, your list may indicate the size of the garden you wish to own, the level of security you require, what size and style of kitchen would be great and whether you are willing to purchase a fix-her-upper.  Getting clear on what you and your partner are looking for will certainly narrow the house search process down.

Create A Scrap Book or Vision Board 

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Be sure to agree with your partner beforehand what the have's and nice to have's in your next home must be. A vision board such as this may assist you to get a better picture of what you both have in mind - Alta Nel Seeff

Before you start your house hunt, determine your style.  Create a scrap book or vision board from magazine cuttings or internet images of your dream kitchen, garden or fire place, etc. This will assist you greatly once you start house hunting. It will narrow down your search immensely as you will not waste time looking at properties that do not offer what you want.   It is a great idea to share your collage with your estate agent. The collage will assist your agent to understand what you are looking for. When your agent knows what you want, they will certainly endeavour to show you homes that incorporate those attributes.    

Visit Show / Open Houses

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Visit Show Houses on Sundays between 14:00- 17:00 in the area you wish to buy in, even before you are ready to put in an offer on your next home. - Alta Nel Seeff

Visiting show houses or open houses hosted over most weekends throughout the year offer you the opportunity to discover several homes in your area of interest and introduce you to estate agents who are specialists in the area.  When visiting show house / open house events, you will soon discover what typical homes in your area of interest generally offer and at what price they are sold. By understanding this, you will be able to determine the costs associated with your predetermined "must haves" and "nice to haves".   Visiting show houses and open houses introduces you to realtors that are area specialists and allows you to build relationships with them, which may just be of great value to you as they get to know you better. Getting to know an area agent will empower you to gain first hand information about local house prices, the crime rate and the quality of the schools in the community. Furthermore, the agent who gets to know your preferences, will be on the look out for your perfect home and arrange your viewing of the property, as soon as it comes on the market and will not waste your time with ill-matched properties.  Visiting open houses or show houses, will introduce you to the neighbourhood. Is the community close to main roads, close to parks, shops and good schools. By driving through the community you will be able to predetermine whether the neighbourhood is family oriented or maybe largely populated by pensioners.  

Know What You Can Afford Before You Fall In Love

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Get pre-approval from a reputable bond originator before you start your house hunting! Thereby you will know what you can afford from the get-go. - Alta Nel Seeff

Having enough cash in hand is always a good thing when buying a home, but for most, the reality is that some percentage, if not all, needs to be covered by a bond. You really need to know upfront the size of loan the bank will approve, even before you start looking for your perfect home.  Way too often, potential home buyers start their house hunting without pre-qualification by a financial institution. This practice, often results in major disappointments for all the parties involved in the transaction, i. e the seller, the agent, as well as you, the purchaser. Falling in love with a property without knowing what you can afford, is hardly ever a good idea, as it causes stress and uncertainty.  Instead, you should visit a couple of financial institutions or preferably a bond originator near you to get pre-approval for a home loan and so will know what deposit may be required. Once you are qualified, you are equipped with the financial boundaries within which to remain and can kick off your targeted home search, without worrying that an offer to purchase may fail due to lack of affordability. Knowing what you can afford upfront, surely gives a person peace of mind during the entire process. 

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