How to achieve a higher price for your home sooner

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

The more you understand of the home selling process, the easier it is to sell your home fast. - Alta Nel Seeff

Statistics show Exclusively Mandated Properties sell FASTER and for HIGHER prices!

Selling your home through an exclusively mandated real estate professional, may just be what you need if you hope to sell your home fast and for the highest possible price. If you are a serious seller and want you home to sell at the highest price, you need to sign an exclusive mandate with a reputable agent from a reputable agency.

Sole / Exclusive Mandates generally sells faster and at higher final prices if priced correctly from the start. - Alta Nel Seeff

if you make the mistake to sell your property on an open mandate through several agencies at the same time, your property will most likely be listed for the sake of having stock on the books, but with little to no effort and commitment to actually market your home to sell.

Open Mandate: Selling your home on an open mandate, which means more than one real estate agent to sell your home, does not necessarily mean that more buyers will be attracted to your property. In fact it could even be off-putting to buyers in this modern, competitive market. With several agents competing to sell the same house, it is almost impossible to get a good price for your home and it may even sell for less than you expected or not at all!

Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth: Hiring a couple of estate agents to sell your home, often cause buyers to refrain from contacting any of the agents at all! Research proves buyers, out of pure confusion and for having too many agents to choose from, skips to a similar

Want to sell your home with ease? Make it easy for buyers to choose yours. Ask me how...- Alta Nel Seeff

property where choices are more limited. is like expecting a child to choose ONE sweet from a whole STACK of sweets presented to them. It is a simple fact, having a large variety to choose from, never makes decision-making easy.

Unfortunately, too much competition between agents / agencies negatively impacts your final selling price. You may think it is fun to see how agents scramble to get an you an Offer To Purchase on your table, however, the one who will lose out the most in the end, will be YOU.

Avoid the price war between agents when selling your home. It only confuses buyers and lowers the final selling price. - Alta Nel Seeff

Research statistics show AGENTS tend to compete with each other on open mandates, instead of the BUYERS competing for your HOME and offer the best PRICE.

Contrary to common belief, it is UNWISE to allow several realtors to compete to get your house sold. Today's buyer prefers to walk away from a property when things are sour and simply move on to find another property seeing there are at least 9000+ properties for sale to choose from in Centurion, at any given time.

Exclusively Mandated Properties are Prioritized: Exclusively mandated properties, always achieve priority on an agent's to-do list. As this mandate ensures a successful transaction, they give it preferential treatment.

Exclusive Mandates are supposed to be top priority in a realtors book. Giving an open mandate to several agents does not mean your house will be actively marketed. Want to make your home top priority? Call Alta Nel @ Seeff to list and assist. 071 758 0996

Exclusively mandate stock are also advertised more widely and therefor more potential buyers will encounter your property during their house hunt.

When you mandate your home exclusively to a reputable agency, such as Seeff Properties, Seeff actively markets your home to potential buyers. Seeff advertises exclusively mandated stock in newspapers, glossy magazines and internationally at NO extra cost to you, the seller.

So if you are you are a serious about selling your home at the highest price, you need to sign an exclusive mandate with a reputable agent from a reputable agency.

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