How do I buy a home if I am living in another city?

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Whether you are being transferred from one city to another by your employer or whether you willfully decided a change is as good as a holiday, finding a lovely home in a suitable area within a city you are unfamiliar with, could be a huge obstacle to overcome. Traveling to and fro to hunt for a home is not always possible and decisions need to be made swiftly. How do you it?

Seeff Properties has a superb nationwide referral system through which you could easily sell your property in for instance Port Elizabeth using the local Seeff office and buying another home in your new city fairly hassle free. If you had nothing to sell, you could simply Google properties for sale in your new town and contact real estate agents that advertise homes you might like. If you want to buy in Centurion, ideally you could start your house hunting here. You may also look for properties in other provinces and areas here or here or alternatively contact me here for assistance.

You are advised to contact a local estate agent to discuss schools, hospitals, job opportunities, malls as well as cost of living in the new area etc. before you decide which price range you would like to purchase a new property in. Local estate agents are area experts and have such information at hand to guide you in your decision. If you want to find out about where to live in Centurion, you are welcome to click here and pop me a message.

I will be honored and go out of my way, as always, to help you make informed decisions. You are advised to also do your own research on the suburb you are planning to invest in: look what social media groups in the area are talking about and read local newspapers to determine any issues the area may be battling with.

Could you buy a property online without physically viewing it? Absolutely yes! Listings posted by Seeff Properties have detailed descriptions and many photos of the home on the market. Seeff's property descriptions clearly state the area of the home, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, rates and taxes, levies and stand size, whether pets are allowed and so much more. Seeff's listings also pinpoint the exact location of the property. You are welcome to request more photos before you decide to buy. Feel free to ask the realtor to send you photos of the ''flaws'' in the home or of areas that they reckon are in need of some TLC. Be sure to ask the agent to send you photos of the properties' security systems such as beams, cameras, security gates and more. Ask for a live whatsapp video run through of the home while you are on the phone with your agent. Reputable agents will do their utmost best to share such detail regarding the property with you. If you are looking for an agent who will do just that and so much more, click here.

Even if you want to view the property before making a final decision, you may ask an agent to do the initial footwork for you, as this will help you narrow down your search and enable you to sign an Offer to Purchase on only a short visit to your new city.

Buying a home in another city in your absence is a challenge for sure, but hiring a local Seeff estate agent would certainly make the rough ride a bit smoother.

Feel free to call ALTA NEL , 071 758 0996 for assistance and property advice in Centurion. You may also send an email to:


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