5 Things To Do Before Placing Your Home On The Market

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Deciding to place your home on the market is not a decision to make impulsively. It takes preparation and planning from your side. Follow these steps before you place your home on the market:

Understand the selling process

Let's face it! Home owners do not sell their homes on a regular basis- maybe once every 5-7 years or even only once in 30 years! This means home owners are not necessarily all 100% aware of how the selling process currently works, especially if they last sold a house a couple of years ago...

Before you place your home on the market, you should consult an estate agent professional in your area, and contact your attorney and tax consultant to refresh your memory or update you knowledge of the selling process. It is important to know and understand the nitty gritty details, before you take the plunge...

PLAN to sell your home

Placing your home on the market is not something you should enter into haphazardly. You

need to familiarize yourself with the current market value of your home. You local property consultant should be able to assist you with determining the true market value of your home.

Once you are aware of your home's current market value, you will be able assess how much money you will receive if you find a willing and able buyer for your home. Use this knowledge to plan you next move. Will the money be enough to reach your next life goal or should you rather hang in there and hold on to what you've got...

It is best to go through this exercise before you place your home on the market.

Draw copies of your house plans from your local municipality

Be sure all extensions and alterations you have made to the property are set out on approved municipal plans. All carports, Wendy houses, granny flats, lapas and pools etc. need to be on approved plans before banks will grant your buyer a mortgage. The buyers of today are also well informed and will request updated plans when the plan to sign an offer on your home.

Many a seller has seen their dream of selling their home, shattered due to the lack of approved municipal plans.

Updating plans may take up to 12 weeks to finalize if you do not need to submit a Geo test of some sort.

Plan to get the plans in order before you place your home on the market.

Clean the yard

It takes time and effort to clean a yard, I know and I also know it is a job most people hate...however, before you decide to place your home on the market, you should absolutely jump in and get the job done...

Neglected compost heaps, stuffed black bags with garden refuse, the broken, rusted has-been-aircon and the old spare wheel overgrown with tall grass, should be cleared away before any potential buyer books an appointment to view your property.

Buyers often intentionally look for reasons why NOT to buy a house, and it is best not to give them any reasons on a silver platter- if you are serious about selling your home.

And no, it does not help to promise them it will be cleaned up before they move in...they will simply find another home to purchase...

Stabilize your pool

Buyers who is out scouting to find a home with a pool, are very eager to acquire a home with a pool and they often are excited to see the pool first! Even before they look at the rest of the home...For them, it will be a ''new swimming pool'' as they never had one before...it should be presented to them as sparkling and blue..

Green pools, with pool cleaners floating in the dirty water simply do not do the trick...and again, promising them that you will fix it before they move in, will not help...

Buyers looking for a home with a pool, want to see a blue pool NOW.

If your pool is a causing a hassle you are advised to sort it out before you place your home on the market and to keep your hand at it until the property is registered on the new owner's name.


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